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Studies that involve new medications or new vaccines have strict rules about who can take part. Therefore, we need to collect some information about you to help us understand whether you will be able to participate in this study.

VLA2001-301 will be a clinical study testing a new vaccine candidate (VLA2001) to prevent COVID-19. We will evaluate this investigational product against AZD1222, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and approved for use by the UK authorities. Valneva Austria GmbH is the Sponsor of this study and Pharm Olam LLC is the company supporting Valneva in performing the trial in the UK.

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Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant during the next 3 months?
Do you have a medical condition treated with medications for which you regularly see a GP or specialist that require frequent adjustments?
Do you have a history of cancer in the past 5 years other than skin cancer?
Do you have a history of a severe or uncontrolled autoimmune or inflammatory disease (like Guillain-Barre syndrome) ?
Do you have a history of HIV?
Do you have a history of immunosuppressive therapy in the past 4 weeks?
Do you have a history of allergy to any vaccines?
Have you donated blood or plasma within the past 6 weeks?
Have you received any vaccinations intended to prevent COVID-19?
Have you had a vaccine other than the licensed influenza (Flu) vaccine in the past month?
Have you had already a COVID 19 infection?
The study requires your attendance at a visit approximately 1 week (for some), 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 7 months and 12 months after your first vaccination. Do you have any plans that might make this difficult?
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Due to a high number of responses, we might not be able to get back to everyone—if you do not hear from us, then we are unable to offer you participation in this trial.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this pre-screening questionnaire.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this trial, however we are very grateful for your interest.

If you find you are unable to take part for any reason, this is not necessarily a reflection of your health or whether you could have a COVID-19 vaccine in the future.

For more information about Valneva and their COVID-19 vaccine candidate please refer to https://valneva.com/research-development/covid-19-vla2001/