Privacy Notice

Thank you for applying to take part in this investigational COVID-19 vaccine study sponsored by Valneva Austria GmbH, Campus Vienna Biocenter 3, A-1030 Vienna, Austria (“Valneva”).

This privacy notice contains important information about how Valneva processes your personal data, as well as why Valneva collects, stores, uses, and shares personal data, your rights regarding your personal data, and how to contact Valneva should you have any requests regarding your personal data.

The Study Organisation is committed to complying with all applicable international laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Valneva is the controller of the data you provide within this pre-screening website for Valneva’s investigational COVID-19 vaccine study. This means that Valneva is responsible for protecting your information, checking how that data is used, and managing relevant disclosures.

Why Does Valneva Use Your Data?

The information Valneva collects in this questionnaire, and has collected thus far, is necessary for Valneva to carefully consider your application to take part in this investigational COVID-19 vaccine study. Your failure to supply requested data or consent to the processing Valneva has hereto outlined could prevent Valneva from determining your eligibility to enrol in this study. Also, note that you have the right to withdraw your consent for Valneva to possess, manage, or otherwise use your data at any time. Should you opt to do so, Valneva would be allowed to use or process that data up until your withdrawal is given.

Valneva uses your Personal Data to determine your eligibility to enrol in the investigational COVID-19 study, to inform the clinical study sites about your eligibility and put them in the position to contact you, and to improve your experience on our website through collected cookies.

Valneva will also use your data in the event that Valneva needs to enforce its terms of service or to help Valneva defend any legal claims against Valneva.


Important Definitions

Personal Data

Personal Data includes any information that could identify an individual, be it directly or indirectly. Personal data identifies a person by their name, location, or a specific ID number, as well as factors that tie to the identity of that individual, such as cultural, economic, genetic, physical, physiological, or social elements.


Processing means any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, including but not limited to collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination, otherwise making available, alignment, combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction.


What Data does Valneva Process?

Personal Data Valneva may collect from you could include:

Contact Details

When you submit a form on the website to request your participation in the investigational COVID-19 vaccine study, Valneva collects your full name, contact details, such as your work address, phone number, or email address.

Account Data

When you access this pre-screening website, Valneva automatically collect details about your website and device data usage. Valneva may record the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer or other electronic device when you visit this website. An IP address identifies the electronic device you use to access the website, allowing Valneva to maintain communication with your computer as you move through the website and customize content.


Valneva uses some non-essential cookies through third-party vendors to gain useful knowledge about the use of the website, as described below in more detail. Cookies are small amounts of data used on websites and used to enhance the visitor experience and make it more efficient. In turn, this information provides insight on how to improve the website to provide more relevant and useful information. Without the knowledge Valneva gains from the systems that use these cookies, Valneva would not be able to provide the service Valneva does.


The Legal Basis on Which Valneva May Process Your Data

Valneva may process your personal data based on your


In this document, “Consent” means your explicit and informed approval of disclosed data usage for the purpose of determining if you are eligible for participating in this investigational COVID-19 vaccine study. Furthermore, in case you accept the usage of cookies, for the enclosed explanation on the use of cookies. Valneva retains a record of such consent. Valneva provides you with options to give your permission and informs and ensures that your consent can be withdrawn at any time.


Cookies Valneva Uses


Valneva stores information to help remember your preferences. These are not shared with Valneva, simply set to enable Valneva to keep continuity between pages. For example, if you choose the UK region site, Valneva uses cookies to ensure you keep seeing UK-specific content.

Cookies that are already on your computer can be deleted. If you wish to delete your cookies, refer to your file management software’s instructions for the cookie file or directory location. Once the file or directory has been located, you can delete them. You can also access them through some types of browsers.

More information about cookies can be found at

If I Do Not Allow Cookies in My Browser Will the Site Still Work?
You will be able to get the information you need from the site. However, there may be some features on the site that will not work. If you choose not to allow cookies, features that would not work include content tailored to your interests and based on your browsing behaviour available through cookies.

How Does Declining Cookies Impact the Website?
If you choose to decline cookies, Valneva will not be able to count your website usage in the data Valneva gathers to learn more about how the website is used. This data is used to improve the website and Valneva’s services.


How Your Data is Shared

Your Personal Data may be shared with certain third-party service providers (clinical study sites) to help Valneva provide and promote Study Organisation.


How Your Data is Stored

Valneva maintains the accuracy, integrity, confidentiality, and relevance of Personal Data based on the processing purpose. Valneva may store the data Valneva collects in hard copy or electronically. The data is stored on secure servers through HubSpot and either stored within the EU or in third countries based on contracts which are based on the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses. You can request a copy of these safeguards from the data processor at any time. HubSpot routinely handles sensitive information and procedures are in place to ensure the highest possible data security and integrity.

Cross-Border Transfers

This website is owned and operated by the Valneva, but it is maintained on the HubSpot infrastructure. Currently, HubSpot maintains this information either at locations in the European Union or at a servers in the US.

Automated Decision Making

Your answers to the questionnaire form the basis for an automated decision-making if you are eligible to enrol in the study.

Retaining Your Data

Your Personal Data will be stored for no longer than necessary considering the purposes it was collected for and our obligations under applicable laws.


Your Rights

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

You have the right to ask the Valneva to:

  • Access and obtain a copy of your data on request;
  • Require Valneva to change incorrect or incomplete data;
  • Want Valneva to delete or stop processing your data;
  • Object to the processing of your data where Valneva relies on its legitimate interests as the legal ground for processing;
  • Ask Valneva to stop processing data for a period if data is inaccurate or there is a dispute about whether or not your interests override Valneva’s legitimate grounds for processing data;
  • Receive the personal data you provided to Valneva and have the right to transmit that data to another company.

Some of the abovementioned rights may be limited depending on the legal basis used for processing and the applicable laws. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact Valneva’s Data Protection Officer via

If you believe that Valneva has not complied with your data protection rights, you can raise a complaint to the relevant supervisory authority for your region. For United Kingdom this is the “Information Commissioner’s Office”,